Spring 2018 Schedule

CASE Spring 2018 Schedule

Everyone is welcome to participate in our events. Please contact mefrank2 [at] illinois [dot] edu if you would like a copy of the readings in advance.

Wednesday, March 21: Kick-off session (organizing members only)
Presenter: Liao Yue

Wednesday, March 28, FLB 2050: Rice in History
Introduction: Mark Frank, “Riziculture in History”
Presenter: Joshua Levy, “Rice paddies as racial borderland: status and belonging on Japanese Pohnpei”
Respondent: Rod Wilson

Wednesday, April 4, FLB 2050: Agricultural Modernization in the Early 20th Century
1) Ruisheng Zhang, Purdue University, “American Engagement with China’s Agricultural Modernization during the Republic of China—A Study on the North China Council for Rural Reconstruction ”
2) Spencer Stewart, University of Chicago, ““A Community Crop”: Science and Society in the Making of Shandong’s Cotton Economy, 1918-1937 ”
Respondent: Mark Frank (Zhang and Stewart also respond to each other)

Wednesday, April 18, FLB 2050: Contemporary Agricultural Development
Presenter: Depeng Shan, Southwest University for Nationalities, “Agricultural development and poverty reduction in China”
Respondent:  Changyan Peng

Saturday, April 21, location TBD: CASE Symposium!
Keynote speaker: Peter Lavelle, Temple University, “Chinese Agriculture in the Age of High Imperialism”