About Us

The vision of the “Chinese Agriculture, Society, and Environment” (CASE) project is to develop proficiency in modern Chinese agrarian studies among students at UIUC, and concomitantly, to develop a working relationship between various people in LAS who are involved in China studies and people in the College of ACES who are interested in China. Our geographical focus will be on China in global perspective, with special attention to US-China exchanges and East Asian regional interactions.

Through monthly meetings we hope that participants and organizers will learn how scholars and agricultural professionals from other fields approach questions related to agriculture for the dual purposes of (i) expanding the scope of our respective research projects, and (ii) developing more syncretic pedagogical approaches that incorporate insights from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional practice. CASE will also hold a conference at the end of the spring semester that will bring UIUC scholars together with scholars at other institutions who are doing related work.

Soybeans hanging to dry in Zigong, Sichuan. Photo 2016 by Mark Frank.